Mission and Vision

The University of Notre Dame is committed to expanding and deepening the University's academic engagement in Asia. There are few, if any, global issues which are not linked in some important way to the cultures, societies, and economies in Asia. It is imperative, therefore, for a University that aims to educate future global leaders, contribute to solving global problems. and provide service to humanity through its knowledge and research, to be fully committed and engaged in the region. We look at Asia not as simply a separate geographic region; rather, we aim to discern distinctive cultural traditions and sociological practices within a context of trans-national and global linkages. Likewise, we aim to better understand how academic inquiry and research are following increasingly globalized and inter-disciplinary trajectories.

The vision for the University of Notre Dame's office in Asia is to support our commitment to internationalize the university's academic mission, life, and spirit. We do this by helping to create and nurture collaborations and partnerships with universities, research institutes, and scholarly communities in Asia. We also partner with corporations, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations that share our vision and commitment to education, knowledge, and goodness. Notre Dame aims for true collaboration, as it is only through collaboration with integrity and purpose that we may join hands in making the world a better place. We are blessed to have the opportunity to engage with colleagues in Asia, and we are humbled by the region's rich history and incredible modern development.